Twas a couple of weeks before Christmas.  And all through the Rust Belt all the creatures were stirring at the I-Rock 93.5 Not So Silent Night.

Thank you for coming out and rockin with us in what may be the start of a yearly tradition of really kicking off the holidays the right way.  With drinks, rock, and Santa's sack of gifts, as you can see below, all the elves had a good time.

Eva Under Fire, Alborn, Discrepancies, Versus Me

This was a great lineup front to back.  All the bands brought it hard and put on great shows.

It was nice to talk with the guys from Versus Me before the show and thank them for stepping in last minute to take over for Crobot.  Every band there said the same thing.  They all worry about all their gear being swiped like that and felt so bad for them.  But, the Versus Me guys were happy for the opportunity and some in attendance told me they, stole the show.

Discrepancies have played the QC before but it was great to get them on the bigger stage of the Rust Belt to really let them own it.  And they sure did with a fun set.

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Alborn came on next, and while we know what they do at The Rust Belt.  It's always nice to be reminded about what we have here.  Soon, more of the country will know about it as they embark on a national tour with Powerman 5000.

The headliner for the evening was Eva Under Fire.  At 3:00 p.m. when they first started their sound check we all knew we were in for something special.  There is a reason people are calling them a band to watch in 2023.  And we all got to watch and hear one of the great up-and-comers in rock.

It was more than the rockin bands.

It was a holiday party.  I-Rock appreciates everyone coming out.  But absolutely LOVE everyone that came out dressed up.  One of these holiday parties we are going to get everyone in some kind of ugly sweater or crazy suit.  You can see some of the pics of the costumes below and more on our Facebook page.

Finally, Santa showed up and handed out the gifts.  Tickets, swag, autographed guitar...and cockasaurus.  Huh?  Yeah.  If you missed did you miss it.  But you can see below who won it.  Not sure what happened to it at the end of the night though, cause as you can also see in the pics below, it ended up in the hands of Eva and the Versus Me guys.  It might become a prize of legend thanks to the Adult Shop.

Thank you again and see you at the next one!

Look at the I-Rock 93.5 Not So Silent Night

The I-Rock 93.5 Not So Silent Night rocked the Rust Belt in East Moline with Eva Under Fire, Alborn, Discrepancies, and Versus Me. Check out the photos from Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook @darkroomphotographyraw on Instagram.

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