Have you ever thought about what it would take to set a Guinness World Record?  Then you realized it would be too hard and gave up.  Well, this Davenport man loosened up his hands and has set a new Guinness World Record.

As you can see below, this is the guy you want in the audience cheering for you.

Meet new record holder Dalton Meyer.

Dalton Meyer is a 20-year-old Davenport resident who happened to stumble across a YouTube video called "Kent "Toast" French, The World's Fastest Clapper".

Dalton thought the speed clapping was cool and started to show his friends.   Dalton says "I naturally knew it within that day. Compared to other people, when I teach it to them, I am always unable to, or it takes a while. When Eli Bishop (former record holder) came up with the "wrist clapping" technique, I somehow knew it instantly without practice. From there, I always had thoughts of going for the world record."

1140 claps in 60 seconds.

TemeMemple via YouTube
TemeMemple via YouTube

Dalton was now determined to become the world's fastest clapper.  The first speed clapping record was 724 in 60 seconds by Kent French.  Then came Eli Bishop with his 1,103.  But on March 12, 2022, Dalton busted out 1140 claps in 60 seconds.

It wouldn't be an official record until October 31, 2022, when he got the call from Guinness that he was officially the new record holder.

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This was only Dalton's second attempt to break the record.  He says the first time he actually ripped skin on his wrist due to bad form and sweat, which created lots of friction.

Dalton told us that his hands don't hurt after speed clapping.  The only time they would hurt is if there is bad form being used.

TemeMemple via YouTube
TemeMemple via YouTube

How does one capture 1140 claps in 60 seconds?

“We had to use high-speed cameras and precision audio devices from regulation set distances to capture the record. It was amazing to see how fast Dalton could clap using his method.”, said Robin Charlet of Charm Media Group.

TemeMemple via YouTube
TemeMemple via YouTube

Dalton says "I am just happy to be labeled as "the fastest clapper" until someone beats it. I love competition!"

Check out the speed clapping below and reach out to Dalton the next time you have to give a presentation at work. Nobody else in the room may like what you have to say, but Dalton will get you more claps than any of your coworkers.

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