Every day, we commute to work, and we commute home. You see things along the way - other cars, other people, and businesses. Can you recognize pieces of iconic Quad Cities signs by one letter? Let's find out.

Here's how this works:

Scroll through the letters, and see if you recognize them. Not all of these letters are the first letter on a sign you'll see - for some, it's more about the most prevalent letter on the sign.

These are all businesses in the Quad Cities, taken in Davenport, Moline, and Rock Island. Can you figure them all out?

It's like the alphabet game you played in the car as a kid - but right from your couch- or desk, we won't tell your boss.

Guess The Letters! (Answers Below)

Think you have them all? Let's see how you did. Check out the ANSWER KEY below.

Answer Key

A - Adler Theatre (Davenport)

B- Bad Boys Pizza (Moline)

C- The Col Ballroom (Davenport)

D- Davenport Sign (Davenport)

E- Eastern Iowa Community College (Davenport and Bettendorf)

F- The Filling Station (Davenport)

G- Griggs Music (Davenport)

H- Happy Joe's (All Over The Quad Cities!)

I- IHMVCU (All Over The Quad Cities)

J- John Deere (All Over The Quad Cities)

K- TBK Sports Complex (Bettendorf)

L- Lagomarcino's (Davenport and Moline)

M- Modern Woodmen Ballpark (Davenport)

N- Nahant Marsh Education Center (Davenport)

O- O'Toole Design Custom Tattoo (Davenport)

P- Putnam Museum (Davenport)

Q- QCCA Expo Center (Rock Island)

R- Rudy's Tacos (Davenport)

S- Sippi's (Davenport)

T- TaxSlayer Center (Moline)

U- U.S. Army Arsenal Island (Rock Island)

V- Video Games Etc. (Davenport and Moline)

W- Whitey's Ice Cream (All Over The Quad Cities)

X- Express Employment Professionals (Davenport)

Y- YMCA (All Around Quad Cities)

Z- Ganzo's Mexican Food & Cantina (Davenport)

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