Every day local police put out press releases and information on social media to keep the public informed and safe.  Most of it can just become white noise.  Something you scroll past and never give a second thought.  Which is why a tip of the cap to the Moline Police Department for making their social media posts something worth stopping on.

Even if you don't live in Moline, they often will post fun things, funny things, or serious things...with a twist that will make you smile.  The latest examples comes from a simple case of shop lifting.  They could have easily just posted the store camera saying "do you know this man.  He stole and needs to be found."  Boring!  Nobody is going to take the time to read that.  Which means, it would show up on less news feeds, would be shared less, and the guy would not get caught.  Instead, Moline goes this direction.

I will never forget the first time I saw you, actually I heard you before I saw you. You were exiting the doors at Hy-Vee and I heard you yell, "Roll Tide."
I ran over to you as I wanted to remind you that this is Coach Bielema country and the only Tide that is going to be rolling, is the Fighting Illini rolling over Alabama in the National Championship game next year.
But as I laid my eyes upon you, I realized you were not an SEC football fan, as you were quite literally rolling Tide, unpaid for Tide at that, straight out the doors to your white Ford F150.
I thought to myself, "Self, there that man go, he just shoplifted a whole cart full of Tide and dog food." So as I sat back and watched you do your Retail Theft Tango, I wondered what prompted this man to steal this much laundry detergent and food.
Did his wife wake him from an afternoon slumber, demanding he go get laundry detergent and dog food from the store right now and he made sure he wouldn't have to make this trip again in 2021?
Or perhaps, he was a street launderer and was going to be selling his stolen goods?
Whatever the reason, I want to meet this man and hook him up with free laundry service provided by the Rock Island County Jail.
This is so great on so many levels.  Especially the place he can get the free laundry service.  If you don't like the Moline Police Department Facebook page yet, I'd recommend giving it a like.  Even if you don't live there, you could get some laughs from their posts.  And we all could use more of those on social media.



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