I'm always looking for a good laugh on the internet.  That is the best part of the internet.  While it might seem like the laughs are getting harder and harder to find, there is one page that you need to like for at least one laugh a day.  Quad City Memes.

Now I'll also remind you to follow us on Facebook as we'll get you some chuckles as well!  But, the stuff Quad City Memes continues to push out on a daily basis is fantastic.  I want to know how they get all these ideas.  I'm going to say "they" because I feel like it has to be a group of people working to pump out that content.  And I want to know who you people are.

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Let's start with what we know.  First off, they are wrestling fans.  Which always is phenomenal.  They pull out all sorts of old school wrestling references and will post about the events currently taking place.

Next up, I know they are music fans.  And while the music ranges to many genres, the focus is on rock.

It also should go without saying they are local.  But, they are super local.  They either have been, or know people that have been in the Quad Cities for a long time.  Cause they'll pull out references to the great history of the Quad Cities.

They are also very, very current.  Like if it happens that day, they are on it.

They are also savage, which I love, to everyone and everything.

Oh and one last thing, they love Rudy's Tacos.

So who are these mystery people?  I once went back and forth with them on messenger and said "If you are ever at a show I'll buy you a beer.".  They agreed, but I never heard back...yes, the secret is so secret they won't even take free beer.  How about a job?  Seriously, we could use some good people around the Rock & Roll Mansion.  Would that get them out of hiding.

While I may never find out the mystery of Quad City Memes, I'm just happy they are a part of our lives.  I'm sure at some point they will roast us and it will be fantastic.  Give em a like and let the good times roll into your news feed.

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