The Elf on the Shelf® is a Christmas tradition centered around Scout Elves who fly to the North Pole each night. When an elf is brought home by a family, they come in a keepsake box that includes a storybook. Kids know to be on their best behavior when their new elf is around. This way they are sure to be on Santa's nice list!

The book explains that the Scout Elves come down from the North Pole during Scout Elf Return Week, which is from November 24th through December 1st. The scout elves fly to the homes of families to help Santa keep tabs on his naughty/nice list. Each night, the elves return to the North Pole to report their findings to Santa. When Santa arrives to deliver presents on Christmas Day, the elves return home with him to the North Pole, not to be seen again until the next year.

When it comes to having an elf there are rules. When the elf is brought home for the first time, the family should read the book together and then gift the elf a name. On the first night, the elf is to remain in the box. It is important that the children do not touch the elf, or the magic will be lost. Each day the elf will be seen in a new spot around the home. The kids can talk to the elf, or write a letter for the elf to take back to Santa. It is most important that the children stay on their best behavior when the elf is around.

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Some elves are simple and find a nice shelf to sit and watch over the kids. Other elves tend to be more silly and have spontaneous personalities. Some elves may even be caught in a crazy situation when the family wakes up, such as sneaking money out of mom's purse, as seen below.

This Facebook page shows a variety of photos of creative ways that elves have been "found" within the home. This could inspire many ideas for your elf. Click HERE for creative ideas on placement for your Elf on the Shelf. Not only can you follow the Facebook page to see what the creator's elf is up to, but you can also post and view thousands of comments from other people who share what their elf is doing too!

This is a great tradition for parents because it provides a way to get silly and creative for the kid's sake. Kids also love this tradition because it keeps them on their toes and on their best behavior during the holiday season. To start this Christmas tradition in your home you can adopt an Elf on the Shelf by visiting the official website here:

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