Most town names have some sort of historical meaning that stem from their founder, an event, or a landmark.  And what was meaningful one hundred or more years ago is just dirty, lewd, and funny sounding now.

Below you will see some of the best from around the area including Iowa, Illinois, and the land of beer and cheese, Wisconsin.

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The website created a map of the most lewd-sounding names in America.  As they put it...

"(We) Placed our minds in the gutter and spent days looking over detailed maps and scrutinizing the names of all cities, towns, and unincorporated communities for anything that sounded even remotely sexual or perverse."

The folks at Estately also said they left out dirty-sounding natural features like "Bald Knob Lookout Tower.  That sounds like a totally separate hilarious map that needs to be made.

Some of the Dirtiest-Sounding Towns Around Wisconsin


Before we get to the place that makes all the delivery drivers laugh from Wisconsin, what about some of the states around Wisconsin?

Well, let's start with those from the land of corn, aka, Iowa, that makes us laugh.

There were several to choose from including Beaverdale, Cumming, Fertile, Hard Scratch, Inwood, and Sac City, Iowa.  But at the end of the day, they went with Balltown, Iowa.

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What about those dirty names from the south of Wisconsin?  Illinois.

Bone Gap, Bush, Chicken Bristle, Chittyville, Diswood, Dongola, Ficklin, Lick Creek, and Shobonier were all options.  But Boody, Illinois was the "winner".

The most lewd-sounding city name in Wisconsin

Getty Images
Getty Images

No it's not Green Bay.  Nothing lewd or dirty sounding about that.  Unless you are a Bears or Vikings fan.

Wisconsin has places like Dickeyville, Clam Falls, Longwood, Sextonville, and Tainter that could all be considered for the title of dirtiest-sounding city.  But none of them are the dirtiest.

Welcome to Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

Getty Images
Getty Images

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin is located in Florence County right on the edge of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan (Which should just be Wisconsin.) and next to the winter sports town of Iron Mountain.

Not much else going on in Spread Eagle.  They have a ski team and once in a while you can catch a glimpse of "PaddleBoatMan".

Spread Eagle is a very rural area with plenty of open space for you to spread out.  And even, spread eagle.

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