When you go to an I-Rock 93.5 show you can just keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy the moment.  Cause we'll get amazing pictures of the night that you can keep forever lasting memories.

Once again, we captured some amazing moments at the From Ashes To New show thanks to DT Photo and Tom Tarner.  Take a look at them below to relive the show, or see all the fun you missed so you realize that you shouldn't miss the next one.

A Stacked Lineup at The Capitol Theatre

DT Photo - Tom Tarner
DT Photo - Tom Tarner

A quick recap of the show...cause it was a great way to get summer started.  The Blackout Tour Part II featured From Ashes To New, Point North, Ekoh, Phix, and Elijah.  It was a full stage that featured a variety of sounds for the Quad Cities to get their summer of rock started.

If people walked in not knowing the opening bands, they might have been surprised.  Elijah has a "modern rock" type sound...could probably fit him into a "core".

If you didn't know Phix before the show, you for sure will remember the drummer now.  We are used to seeing 12-year-old drummers at the QC Rock Academy but not so much in bands like this.

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Ekoh's rap style had that rock edge to it.  Comparisons are always tough, but the closest I can say would be a Tech9.

Point North has a few songs that casual fans recognized that night.  And it was great seeing Quad Cities area native Sage Weber on stage with Point North doing what he does so well behind the drum kit.

From Ashes To New will continue to grow.  They sound great live and understand how to command the stage.  As more of their songs become popular to more people the crowds will continue to get larger.  So next time they are around, don't wait and miss out.  Get on the bandwagon now.

Take a look at all the pictures from May 25, 2024, and relive the show with I-Rock 93.5.

From Ashes To New at the Capitol Theatre

From Ashes To New got summer started in the Quad Cities with a show at the Capitol Theatre. We also rocked with Point North, Ekoh, Phix, and Elijah

Gallery Credit: DT Photo - Tom Tarner

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