All this week at 1:00 we are going to countdown the years with number ones. Number one songs or albums from each year. We'll talk about the songs, artists, and history of rock at that time as we countdown to Memorial Day weekend.

Here is some of what I am playing and a bit of rock history from that year.
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2015 - Bring Me The Horizon - Throne

STP and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland dies in his tour bus at age 48.  Disturbed would get back together after a 4 year hiatus.  (By the way, after writing 5 stories of number ones, I officially despise the word hiatus.)  The Offspring set the record for longest time between number ones with Coming For You.  The first time they hit number one since 1997.  Bring Me The Horizon scores their first number one hit in the US.  Throne was the 3rd straight number one for BMTH in the UK on a run of 5 straight number ones.

2016 - Skillet - Feel Invincible

Guns N' Roses would play their first show with Axl, Slash and Duff in 23 years.  While I know it's not "rock"....Prince rocked.  There are a lot of times a rock star or celebrity dies young and while sad, we all kind of see it coming.  Prince was a shock and such a loss for the music world.  Skillet has had numerous number ones on the US Christian charts.  But in 2016 they would see their first US Billboard Main Rock number one with Feel Invincible.

2017 - Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune

Black Sabbath played their final two shows of the bands farewell tour.  Come on.  They still have time.  I really hate talking about all this death in music.  But, when Chris Cornell died on May 18, 2017 from suicide, the rock world changed.  From Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog, and his solo work, Chris had an impact on rock music for 30 years.  Two months later, Chester Bennington would commit suicide by hanging as well leaving a wife and six children behind.  2017 sucked.
A new band released their first single and instantly had people wanting DNA tests.  Greta Van Fleet with lead singer Josh Kiszka had us all thinking of the mighty Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant.  Highway Tune would spend 5 weeks at number one and be the first of four straight singles to top the charts.

2018 - Ghost - Rats

In 2018 Slayer announced they would head out on one final tour.  Which would lead to one epic night in 2019 in the Quad Cities.  Another show that would come to the QC in 2019, the controversial (both outside the and inside the rock world) Ghost would have the longest reign at number one with Rats holding the top spot for 7 weeks.

2019 - Volbeat - Last Day Under The Sun

Yeah, Slipknot released their first album in 5 years and Tool finally released their new music in 13 years.  But really, 2019 will always be remembered by one thing.  It was the year I-Rock 93.5 took over the Quad Cities.  Ha.  OK, let me bask in the light for a second.  It was the summer of 2019 that the suits at Townsquare Media said "yeah, do what you want with that signal."  What a mistake that was.  On August 30, 2019 I-Rock 93.5 hit the air (Korn - Blind for you keeping track) and shockingly 9 months later they haven't pulled the plug.  That is thanks to you!  You made us number one!  Oh, and the number one rock song in the country on that day, Volbeat.  Thank you for listening.

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