All this week at 1:00 we are going to countdown the years with number ones. Number one songs or albums from each year. We'll talk about the songs, artists, and history of rock at that time as we countdown to Memorial Day weekend.

Here is some of what I am playing and a bit of rock history from that year.
Check out 1995-1999 here.
Check out 2000-2004 here.

2005 - Mudvayne - Happy?

In 2005 thins started rough as Head left Korn. (OK, it was rough for me. Side note, the band would actually go on to create what I consider some of their best stuff while he was gone.) On a cooler note, Dave Mustaine put together the music festival Gigantour. In This Moment and Motionless In White were created. And while it only squeezed into the number one spot for one week, it was good to hear a song from Mudvayne top the charts in 2005.

2006 - Stone Sour - Through Glass

System of a Down went on a hiatus this year. I think that hiatus is still taking place. When does the word hiatus end and break up take over. Deal with it dude. She left and she isn't coming back. Also Slipknot went on hiatus which allowed other members to work on different projects. Including Corey and Stone Sour which would score their first number one song with Through Glass.

2007 - Breaking Benjamin - Breath

The year 2007 included a Led Zeppelin reunion. Weird Al playing his 1000th show. And Slayer winning a grammy. 2007! It also marked the first of seven times (as of now) Breaking Benjamin would hold the number one spot with their song "Breath" taking it for 7 weeks. Random note, last March when they played in the Quad Cities I was a little down on their performance. Having seen them before I thought it could have been better. Then when they opened for Korn in Cedar Rapids I thought they crushed it. We all have off nights.

2008 - Disturbed - Inside The Fire

Up until now, the 2000's would produce 7-10 number one songs each year. 2008 was the beginning of the change with rock radio churning out more rock in an attempt to find the next big hit/band. This can also be attributed to the way music consumption was starting to change in general. But it seemed to most evident in rock radio. In 2008 12 different songs took the top spot for the year. One would stick out for 14 weeks as Disturbed scored their second number one hit with Inside The Fire.

2009 - Alice In Chains - Check My Brain

As another decade comes to and end, some familiar names in the past three decades of rock are still making headlines. Metallica releases Death Magnetic and is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Iron Maiden tour in 38 countries performing 90 shows. And Alice In Chains is back on top with their first new music in 13 years and their first number one in 15 years. Check My Brain would top the charts for 8 weeks in 2009...and for me, is one of the best Alice Chains songs ever.


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