What a year 2020 has been.  We are all hoping 2021 will be better.  However, 2021 is coming quickly and quite frankly there is no end in site to the madness that surrounds our lives.

I think I have figured out a way to reverse the bad mojo of the year and get us back on track.  OK, maybe not, but it's going to be fun to listen to all the music in the I-Rock 93.5 library from Z-A.  (Library is such an old school term, but I don't what else to call it.  In the computer?  In the system?  IDK.  You get it, everything we have.)

Now in the spring I did this as well out of boredom and you seemed to like it.  I think.  Either way I'm doing it again with a little bit of a twist.

First off, last time it was the normal A-Z.  This time I'm going Z-A.  Figure it can reverse the mojo on the year and you can learn the alphabet backwards to really impress your friends...or that officer that asks you to do the alphabet.

Second, last time I did a letter a day and however long it took, that was how long I did it.  Plus, I did it on the weekend.  Screw that I want my weekends off.  We're keeping this Monday through Friday.  Also this time, I'm not doing a letter a day.  I'm going to start it up at 9am and keep it going till 5pm.  Hence the name, "The Z-A Workday Countdown".  I realize many of you wake up before the crack of dawn and start your day while I'm still sleeping.  Sorry.  My happy ass isn't waking up that early.  I'm going banker hours.

When I decided to do this I did some quick math and quickly realized...I should have started it this week.  I was thinking it would last till Thanksgiving.  However, this is going to last into December.  Yeah, that is how many songs we have now.  Between all the songs that has been added in general, songs from Cover Up Wednesday's, the random tunes from our I-Hosts and the Local Stage we have a ton of songs in the library.

If you like to hear different music all day while you work, this will be the spot.  You might hear the same song, but it won't be from the same artist.  You might hear the same artist back to back, but not the same song.  Either way, it should be a fun distraction for the next month.  Who knows, maybe our little reverse mojo experiment will work and the world can get back to normal.  If not, well, at least we'll listen to a lot of good rock together.

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