It's one of the most prestigious magazine issues a model can hope for.  It's made careers for countless ladies over the years.  It was the issue you always tried to get from the mail before your parents came home.  The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

This year's SI annual Swim Search had 1000s of women attempt to grace the magazine.  Now, they are down to the top 12 in the search and one of those 12 is from Illinois.

The 2023 SI Swim Search

The SI Swim Search casting call lets aspiring models meet with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team.  The ultimate goal is to get into the magazine, but of course, in this digital age, there are many other platforms SI can now feature these ladies.

In the past, Sports Illustrated held casting calls in select cities across the country.  But then, 2020 happened.  Now, they use social media and an app that they say actually has given more people the chance to enter.

Meet Rockford Illinois' Adison Justis

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Now you might be thinking "I've never seen anybody like that in Rockford.".  Well, you aren't totally wrong.  Adison is from Rockford, but now lives in LA.  Seems right.

Adison was scouted by Wilhelmina Models at 17 and has been modeling full-time since.


Justis recently completed her two-year college degree online while working as an intern for producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, specializing in criminal justice reform and wrongful conviction cases. She researches innocence claims to determine the viability of wrongful conviction cases, pushing cases for media exposure in hopes of finding a law firm to take the case pro bono.


Justis is also passionate about the beauty and fashion community and often shares her beauty routines across her social media platforms.


You can see more of Adison on her Instagram account.  We'll see if she makes it into the next SI Swimsuit Issue.

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