Halloween is almost here and if you haven't gotten your Halloween costume yet, we're here to give you as many ideas as possible. Every year, people come out with lists of the most popular Halloween costumes, but a website has given us the most popular Halloween costumes in each state. If you live in Iowa, this is going to be an easy one to put together if you need a costume last minute.

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For the fifth year in a row, the team at All Home Connections found the most searched Halloween costume in each state. This list is great because it shows you what your friends might be wearing so you can avoid that costume or the costume they are avoiding so you can wear your state's most popular costume.

As we know, pop culture is very influential on Halloween costumes. People dress up as their favorite television show characters, cartoon characters, serial killers, and anything else that's been relevant in 2022.

How Did They Find Illinois' Most Popular Halloween Costume?

Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In Costume

To determine each state's most popular costume, All Home Connections looked at articles from DIYsRentReader’s Digest, and Visual Capitalist, and analyzed current Google Trends data to create a projection of 2022’s most popular costumes per state.

Before we get to Illinois' most popular Halloween costume, All Home Connections has given us some fun Halloween costume facts to look at:

Freaky Halloween Costume Facts

  • The classic cat costume is the most googled Halloween in most states, with 12 states searching for it most.
  • Eleven states searched for witch costumes the most. Thanks, Hocus Pocus 2. Is Illinois among those 11 states?
  • Vampire is the most searched costume in the third most states. Perhaps it’s due to Twilight’s resurgence in popularity.
  • Disney has influenced several states this year, with Buzz Lightyear and Encanto-inspired costumes being searched most in six and five states, respectively.
Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween
  • Mississippi and Nevada searched for Elvis Presley costumes the most, perhaps motivated by the biopic about the singer released earlier this year.
  • With HBO’s House of the Dragon premiere, it’s no surprise some states have Game of Thrones on their minds. Jon Snow is the most searched Halloween costume in Alabama and Oklahoma.
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Illinois' Most Popular Costume Is Very Trendy

If you thought Abraham Lincoln, a Cubs or Bears player was what Illinoisans would be dressing up the most as this year, you would be wrong.

All Home Connections found that Illinois' most popular Halloween costume is a witch. I think it's safe to say that this is thanks to the release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+.


Dressing up as a witch, whether from Hocus Pocus 2 or just a "general witch", is fairly easy. You most likely can find these clothes at a thrift store or visit Spirit Halloween.

Iowa's Most Popular Costume Is Basic & Easy

If you think a Busch Light can, an ear of corn or a farmer was the most popular Halloween costume in Iowa, think again.

All Home Connections found that Iowa's most popular Halloween costume is the classic cat.


Iowa's most popular Halloween costume this year is a classic cat. Very basic.

Check out the other state's most popular costumes below.

Quad Cities 15 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time of year. It's a chance for people to dress up to be an entirely different person. Some people take the gory route, others jump in giant inflatables, and some people really want to show off what they have been blessed with. If you're looking to take the sexy direction for Halloween this year, these are the Quad Cities' 15 sexiest Halloween costumes.

Iowa Stingray Home

This home is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It holds two tanks, both around 300 gallons each. They both contain different types of stingrays. As for right now, this project is just for fun, though the owners do hope to someday breed these rays.

It's been about a 6-month process getting all the supplies, tanks, and stingrays.

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