Halloween is all about dressing up and getting treats.  This is exactly what we are going to do on October 21 at Rascals Live in Moline with the "Halloween Spookshow and Costume Ball".  Enjoy live music, win prizes, and more surprises.

Bands Dressed As Other Bands

Not only will you be at Rascals dressed up to win prizes, but the bands will be dressed up as well playing some of your favorite rock.

Opening the night will be "Freak Like Me the Halestorm tribute".

Freak Like Me
Freak Like Me

Then your the perfect way to celebrate the spooky Halloween season with Wonkzilla's Zombie Experience playing all things Rob Zombie and White Zombie.

Dress Up And Win


You know the costume you have planned this year is the scariest, funniest, or sexiest costume and is guaranteed to make people turn their heads.  So here is a great place to show it off and win something for it.

There will be prizes including:


  • Tickets to Shock House
  • Ragged Records Gift Card
  • The Ridge Gift Card
  • Public House Gift Card
  • Oak Grove Tavern Gift Card
  • Pub 1848 Gift Card
  • Wake Brewing Gift Card

Plus, everybody who shows up can get in on the Guitar Giveaway sponsored by Nature's Treatment of Illinois....even if your costume is lame, or you have no costume at all.

Plus, there will be a "Scream Queen" competition with prizes from Obsidian and Sage, Ruby Moon Apothecary, Abernathy's, and Lobos Salsa.

Plus, Wolf Witch Tarot Readings by Kelsi and CJs Wildside will be on hand for the spookiest Halloween party in town.

*Must be present to win
*One entry per person



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