After a 3 month corona forced shut down, we are once again able to let people in the Rock and Roll Mansion.  Which means we are once again able to let you come in here and host your own hour.

If you don't know what the I-Host is, or do know and want to be one, get the info and sign up to win right here!

For our initial let's get back to it host, we have Eric.

Eric says, "I love hard rock because it's the only thing that got me through high school.  My favorite artist is Corey mfn Taylor he's the shit.  Favorite concert day off fest Slipknot, System of a Down Rammstein, and Mudvayne."

Check out Eric's playlist here:

Highly suspect-Bloodfeather
Jinjer-Just Another
The Pretty Reckless-My Medicine
Fit For Rivals-Freak Machine
Falling In Reverse-Popular Monster
Stone Sour-Tactrum
Missio-Deep Blue Sea
I Prevail-Breaking Down
Highly Suspect-My Name Is Human
Apocoliptica-I'm not Jesus
In This Moment-Blood
Thrice-Black Honey

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