It never fails.  Every time I watch any movie I go to IMDb to see who that actor is (especially when watching the child's cartoon movies), when it was released, fun facts about the movie and of course the IMDB rating.  Which often puzzles me.

If you do not use, it stands for Internet Movie Database and has every actor, movie and trailer that you can think of.  It can quickly take you down a rabbit hole of "oh this actor was in this and now they are in this and now I'm interested in this."  It can be never ending.  On IMDb there are also ratings for every movie.  These are fan ratings that often have millions of votes for the bigger movies.  On one of my trips through the  IMDb rabbit hole, I got into some of the Marvel movies.  It was probably while watching Loki or something like that.  (Yes, they have TV shows on there as well)  And I actually got annoyed enough by the low ratings of some of my favorite Marvel movies that I created an account and gave them my own rating.  Of course I don't think they are 10 of 10 stars, but I just wanted to do my part to boost their overall number.

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So then I decided to look up what the top rated movies on IMDb are.  There were some surprises in the top 10.  But no surprises that I have not seen the majority of them.  They actually list the top 100 movies as rated by movie lovers.  While many have ties, I'm assuming the 9.2 is actually like a 9.235873547 in order to determine order.

Let's take a look at the Top 10 together.

The Top Ten Movies According to IMDb Fan Ratings

These are the top 10 movies on IMDb, plus others that feel should be in the top 10 but are not.

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