There is nothing I love more than a big basket of thick juicy chicken tenders, smothered in that special sauce.

I was craving chicken tenders the other day, so up on the Dwyer & Michales Facebook went the question, "Who has the best chicken tenders around the Quad Cities?"

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Of course, I did not want basic fast food answers such as Canes, Culvers, and Hardees. I was looking for sit-down restaurants, bar-and-grill's, and maybe even a food truck.

The comments did not disappoint as 300 people chimed in with their opinions. Many of the places suggested I have never been to before, and now I have a reason to go visit.

Here are the 18 of the best places to order chicken tenders around the Quad Cities:

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The Best Chicken Tenders in The Iowa and Illinois QC

Are you craving chicken strips? No? Oh... well... keep reading this and maybe you will.

We wanted to know who has the best chicken tenders in the Quad Cities, and the listeners of the Dwyer & Michaels morning show shared their opinions on which tenders they believe are the best!

Here are 18 places around the Quad Cities that serve the best chicken tenders.

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