Sometimes you go to a concert.  Sometimes you go to a show.  Sometimes you get both.  Avatar was definitely both.  A late Mother's Day Sunday night was totally worth it as everyone at The Rust Belt agreed, Avatar is awesome.

Orbit Culture

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

It was a bangin' way to start the night with Orbit Culture.  These guys are from Sweeden like Avatar and brought it heavy from the start.  Especially with that double-pedal drum.  Wow.

The only bummer was how dark it was.  They did not want any extra light on them at all.  Maybe they wanted to stay mysterious.  But what you couldn't see you could definitely hear and feel from them.

Veil of Maya

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

These guys have a lot going on in their music.  But they do a good job of blending it all together.  Out of Chicago, these guys are classified as "progressive metal" because of all that sound they are creating.  The sound, however, works.

Vocalist Lucas Magyar is both clean and unclean vocals and was hitting the notes in both categories.

The only thing missing from the songs was a hook.  Give me one part of the song that has a hook that can catch on that we, the normal nonsingers, can sing along with at the show.


Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

I walked into the night mildly liking Avatar.  The handful that we play on I-Rock 93.5 are cool.  Different.  A bit heavy, a bit melodic. I left the show singing their praises as a great band with an amazing live show.

From the books of KISS and Alice Cooper, it was a stage show.

It was a very cool stage setup with cool "doors" that allowed the band to sneak back between songs in order to add to the pageantry of the show.  Jonas didn't have a water bottle on stage.  He had a black gas can he drank from.

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The guitar players didn't have mics sitting in front of them the entire time.  They were on contraptions that allowed them to fall to stay out of the visuals while performing but then when they needed them, a simple pedal sprung them back up.

It was well-planned and executed from front to end.  Oh, and they also sound amazing!

Speaking of plans, yes, Jonas coming back to the sound booth to blow up a balloon animal and play the trombone was very planned.  As was me standing right next to him.  You can see those pics on our Facebook page.

They gained a lot of fans Sunday night at The Rust Belt.  When the guys from Sweeden come back to town or anywhere you can travel to, make it happen.  You won't be let down.

Avatar at The Rust Belt in East Moline

Avatar sounded amazing and the visuals took the show over the top. Check out the pictures from Orbit Culture, Veil of Maya, and Avatar here.

Skillet, Theory of a Deadman and Saint Asonia at the Sold Out Show at The Rust Belt

It was an incredible night with a few thousand friends at The Rust Belt with Skillet, Theory of a Deadman, and Saint Asonia. The sold-out show rocked from front to back. And if you were standing in the back enjoying the sound and sites, but wondered what they would look like if those sites were closer, here are some great shots from Captured by Lorraine.

Sevendust and Nonpoint at The Rust Belt

This was the perfect way to end 2022. Sevendust, Nonpoint, ill Nino, and Another Day Dawns rocked the Rust Belt in East Moline on December 29. It was great to see so many of you and look forward to many more in 2023.

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