Every week a member of the I-Rock Hard Unit hosts their own hour with their own hand-picked, brain-picked, ear-picked music.  If you want to host your own hour you can.  All you have to do is click here to sign up. 

Then you'll send some songs and answer some questions (just like you can see below) and then watch your email when your name is picked.  And really keep an eye on your email.  It seems like the majority of the emails from I-Rock 93.5 go to junk/spam.  At least that is what my coworkers tell me.

After that we figure out a day and time to get you into the station and you record your hour (which takes like 30 minutes unless you and I really get chatting) and then I give you some I-Rock swag and you're done.

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Meet this week's I-Host Nekoda!

Question 1 - Who are you?  Nekoda

Question 2 - Why do you love rock?  Cause I only like the best things in life.

Question 3 - Who is your favorite band?  Hed PE

Question 4 - What is the best concert you've seen?  Slipknot at the Iowa State Fair - like seeing Johnny Cash in Nashville; just absolutely legendary!

Live long and rock on!

Nekoda AKA 3rd in line to succeed our Mr. I-Rock 

PS: Congrats to Matt and Gabi!

Check out Nekoda's playlist here:

  • Hed pe - Forward Go!
  • Five Finger Death Punch - Mama Said Knock You Out
  • Slipknot - Solway Firth
  • Sevendust - Bitch
  • Mower - Faded
  • P.O.D. - Will You
  • Alborn - Cause to Create
  • All that Remains - This Calling
  • Megadeth - Die Dead Enough
  • Lamb of God - Walk With Me In Hell
  • War of Ages - Collapse
  • Clutch - How To Shake Hands
  • Mushroomhead - We Are The Truth

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