Now is the perfect time to get your kid an instrument.  I mean, what the hell else are they going to do this winter.  Go pick them up a guitar, drums, keyboard...anything for Christmas and then win this free month of lessons from QC Rock Academy.

If I look back on "mumbles age quietly" years of life and think about things I wish I'd have taken the time to do, the big one would be learning to play guitar.  I bought one when I was 18 or 19, couldn't play like Hendrix after a week and gave up.  I should go back and kick young me in the nuts.  It takes time.  Like all the time I spent playing video games when I was that age.  If my fingers could learn to push a, b, c, x, y, z, l, r....I could have figured out the guitar.  Maybe not enough to play in public, but it would have still been nice to just pick one up and do a little something.

As I've met and talked with you over the last year I've seen you and your little rockers at our events.  Don't let them sit on the tablet or TV and get them active in music.  Now in order to get them started, we have a month of free lessons from QC Rock Academy.  Send us a picture of your little rocker in the form below.  We'll randomly pull a winner on 12/21 so then you can give your little rocker the new instrument and the lessons on Christmas Day.

Get them rocking now so they can become rich and famous and you can mooch off them in the future...and just remember it all started right here!

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