There have been a lot more hard rock shows at The Village Theater in Davenport lately.  We celebrated Halloween there.  Had our holiday party there.  Celebrated the QC Rock Academy anniversary there.  And most recently the place was filled for a tribute extravaganza.

A lot of these shows have been going to 11:00 p.m. or later.  If you needed a late-night feast, it's been difficult in The Village (which is packed with restaurants and bars) to get food after a late show.  Not anymore with the discovery of "Fry-Deas".

Fry-Deas is located in The Mound

Fry-Deas opened in early November but wasn't something that was easily noticed since it wasn't a new building.  It was built in The Mound.  And if you are on a mission for food and not another bar, then you might have walked right past it.  But as you will see below, this is the place for food after a late night of drinking.

To order food at Fry-Deas you need to walk into and through The Mound.  Order at the counter and then eat in The Mound.  Where you will probably have another drink, but that's ok.

Who are the guys behind the Fry-Deas

The fry guys are long-time best friends, Nick Arvanitis and, J. Jensen Sr, both from the Quad Cities and food connoisseurs.  Their goal is to put a twist on some of the traditional dishes that people love.  "People have had most of the meals on our menu...but have never had them how we serve them."

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What type of food is on the menu at Fry-Deas?

The main concept of their menu should be obvious by their name.  Fries.  For example, everyone has had a Philly Cheese Steak, but for Fry-Deas they take what you know and set it atop a bed of crispy seasoned fries. They offer a lot of different Fry-Dea dishes to offer but they told me "realistically we can put our amazing Fry-Dea twist on any dish in the world, which means our options are endless and our creativity is out of this world."

If fries aren't your thing, then go with the Chicken Lollipops.  Huge chicken drumsticks dressed to look like a lollipop served as a flight where customers can pick from a list of signature sauces.  If you like eating meat from the bone, they also have a Turkey-Dactyl.  A smoked turkey leg that is seasoned, then fried to a golden brown, placed on top of a bed of seasoned crispy fries with mac n cheese then drizzle and your choice of signature sauces.

It might not be late night after a metal show at the Village Theater, but just reading that you are probably hungry.  Next time you rock hard and have some drinks at The Village Theater dive on into some Fry-Deas and let it all soak in.

Fry-Deas in The Village


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