A suspected serial dine and dasher plaguing numerous Quad Cities restaurants for the last several months was arrested on June 20 after skipping out on the bill of yet another restaurant.

Spencer Thomas Streight was charged with fifth-degree theft, which is considered a simple misdemeanor, after he "ran up a bill from Chilis and left without paying".  One simple dine and dash might not elicit such anger from the restaurant community.  But, according to many in the industry across the Quad Cities, Spencer has been racking up quite the bill across Iowa and Illinois.

What is Dine and Dash?

If you are unfamiliar with the term dine and dash, it's quite simple.  You go to a restaurant or bar and eat and drink, in excess for Spencer according to posts on Facebook, and then slip out the door without paying.

From cooks and bussers to servers and bartenders.  Folks in the restaurant and bar industry work hard for their money.  With so many places short-staffed and payment/tips needed more than ever, the simple dine and dash is a real problem for restaurants.

Spencer has built a reputation in the Quad Cities lately.

When one of the largest Facebook groups in the Quad Cities puts you on blast for being a serial dine and dasher, you know the person has been around.  The group "Quad City Food Lovers" have been talking about the suspect for quite some time, and now that he has been caught, there is no shortage of joy, anger, and opinions on what to do with him.

From other restaurants and servers that were hit by the suspect, to what his punishment should be.

Facebook 1

Another comment from the post of a person on the scene.

Facebook 2

You can read more from the Quad City Food Lovers Group here.

Facebook 3

Mr. Streight is currently out on bail.  The Scott County Court website says "an arrest without disposition is not an indication of guilt.".  All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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