Please drink responsibly.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way.  It's fun to have fun.  But sometimes the drinks can be flowing a little too free and we have a bit too much fun.  The next morning when you wake up in your bed (or if you got lucky somebody else's bed) might not be so fun.  The headache.  The taste in your mouth.  That feeling in your gut.  It's the hangover.

The best cure for a Quad Cities hangover.

Now if you are a professional drinker you might have a "preventative hangover cure" like taking allergy pills and drinking Pedialyte.  Seriously.  That is a thing.  But if the night gets away from you and the next morning is rough the best cure is the biggest pile of food that you can shovel into your pie hole without it coming back up.

So you, the experienced Quad City drinker, were asked "What are the best restaurants/bars to cure a hangover?".  And I know you are experienced, cause there was no shortage of replies.

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Before we get to the best, we get to the rest.

Ask a question on social and get ready for the best, and worst, answers.  Cause not only did you recommend great places (below) but also these gems:

  • My house
    • Yeah, this doesn't work when all you have is condiments in the fridge.
  • Any place that serves alcohol
    • Hair of the dog helps...but still needs good food too.
  • Yo momma house.
    • Mom doesn't need to see you (or me) all sloppy and hungover.
  • Farmers Market.
    • OMG no.  The noise.  The children.  The smells.  The heat.  The walking.  Love the Farmers Market.  But no part of that sounds good hungover.
  • Kwikstar/Casey's
    • OK, that actually sounds perfect to grab something hot and greasy and go back to the couch.  But this was specifically for restaurants/bars.

The nice thing about all the best places below, there are a lot of them in a lot of different areas of the Quad Cities.  Cause another thing you don't want to do hungover is travel more than...well 10 ft.  But for some of the restaurants/bars and the right meal, your head and stomach will thank you.

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