Diamante is starting off 2020 with new music and without a label.

After a year of touring in support of Coming In Hot, Diamante kicked off the new year by simultaneously releasing a new single titled "Obvious" and by announcing her departure from her label, Better Noise Records.

Diamante told I-Rock 93.5 that she has known about leaving the label since August but it's been official for a month now.  "I want to stay independent as long as I can.  I think it's a really cool and exciting chapter.  I like having this freedom of being able to make my own moves."

As technology evolves and more artists find new ways to get their music into the hands of listeners, does an artist even need a label?  Diamante doesn't think so.  "I don't believe an artist needs a label.  Especially in 2020 there are so many outlets to music out there that nothing is stopping them."

Without the support of a label, Diamante released her new single "Obvious".  Working with producer Howard Benson (Seether, Skillet, Flyleaf) and Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson "Obvious" dives into a time when Diamante was "coming to terms with a really bad heartbreak".  Diamante said she "Wanted to write from that really direct, honest place.  No metaphors.  Just say it as it is.  Which to me is ten-times more difficult to do."  "A lot of my past music is really empowering and uplifting and strong.  This song is the complete opposite.  I'm talking about a moment in my life when I really felt down."

Diamante plans to release more music in 2020.  But without a label, she is going to do it differently from most rockers.  "I want to release music in the way a lot of hip-hop and rap artists do it where it's more frequent.  Release a new song once a month with the idea of an EP in spring, summertime and a full album after that."  Diamante told I-Rock 93.5.

To hear more about about Diamante touring this past summer with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace, her 2020 plans, going to college, releasing music in Spanish and more, listen to the full interview here.


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