Every week somebody hosts our 6:00 pm hour on Friday to get your weekend started.  This week, we have special guests in the studio to drive you to The Rust Belt to watch them on stage.

Anthropoid will be opening for Liliac Friday (7/21) and Kendyl and Grant from Anthropoid have an hour of music lined up to get you to the show.  (Doors at 6pm , show at 7pm)

Let's meet your hosts!

I am Kendyl Perron and I play bass in Anthropoid.

I love hard rock for the same reason everyone does. It’s a release and really gets you through all the emotions. Both the happy and the difficult ones. I have also met and made a lot of friends in the community.

My favorite band/ artist is definitely David Bowie. He is an absolute icon who makes music for every mood. Although he doesn’t always fit the hard rock genre, I think he helped shape rock and roll history and helped it grow to what it is today.

The best concert I ever went to was definitely my first. I was lucky enough to be picked in a crowd of people to see Paul McCartney front row at the Vibrant Arena in 2019.

Hi, I'm Grant Beck.  I grew up listening to rock and it’s always been what I’ve wanted to make.  My favorite band would be ALL/Descendents (pretty much the same band).  The best show I've ever seen would be Sunny Day Real Estate.

Here is our playlist:

  1. Greatest Fiend by Anthropoid
  2. Self by Hayes Noble
  3. Like a Stone by Audio Slave
  4. Saturday Savior by Failure
  5. Dam that River by Alice In Chains
  6. Hey, Johnny Park! by Foo Fighters
  7. Liquified Skyline Running Down the Leg of a Helpless Tourist by LimbBog
  8. Blackened by Metallica
  9. Once by Pearl Jam
  10. Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
  11. Forest by SOAD
  12. Until I say so by ALL
  13. Waves by Hum
  14. Honey Bucket by Melvins

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