There will never be another British Invasion like there was in the early 1960's.  What the Beatles did to the American music scene, and the world, at that time cannot be replicated today.  The world is a smaller place and we can all find music from the UK, Mongolia, Australia and our own back yard with the click of a button.  However, the world of American rock is being invaded with new bands from across the pond, and more are on the way.

At the time of writing this, two growing UK bands sit in the top 10 of the American rock charts.  Bring Me The Horizon (Teardrops) and Architects (Animals).  With Royal Blood having another song that I thoroughly enjoy (Typhoons) climbing up the charts quickly there could be 3 in the top 10 very soon.  And it feels like we just got done with Asking Alexandria and there top 3 hit "Antisocialist".

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Maybe four bands doesn't seem like much when looking at the Top 40 of rock, but there is something about these bands that is jumping off the speakers and catching the ear of listeners, and record execs.  If you think the labels will just ignore that these bands from the UK are rubbing elbows with the Foo Fighters, Chevelle, The Offspring, Pretty Reckless, Seether and other heavy hitters of the last decade you don't know the music industry.  It's hard for any new rock band to crack the charts anymore.  So to see a trend of the UK bands being able to do so, expect to see more of them.

Let's start with some videos from those on the charts now.

Bring Me The Horizon would be considered the "elder" UK statesmen.  I'm a fan.  Saw these guys live a couple years back and it was a high energy, packed, fun show all around.  This new one is sitting at number 6 on the charts and the unedited version below is even better.

Next up is the band I'm excited to hear more from.  While they've been around for the past decade they've only had two top 10 hits in the UK.  Their single "Animals" is only 19 on the UK charts, but already at number 5 in the US.  The rare popular in America before the home country song.  Big fan of the song, and I just got the edited version of this live at Abbey Road version.  The orchestra just takes it to another level.

Royal Blood have been on the UK and US charts since 2013, and already have four number 1 hits on both.  This new one, "Typhoon", could be number 5.  Oh by the way, as you watch this video...yeah, it's just the two guys.  Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher.

Now how about something new.  These are some up and comers from the UK.  If I've learned anything in this business (which isn't much) it's that once a wave starts, it's hard to stop.  This won't be an invasion like the 60's, but expect to hear more accents and see more of the UK bands on American Rock charts in the near future.

For England James.  No.  For me.


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