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Who Am I?

My name is Josh Akers. I’m a father of three boys and one grandson.  I proudly bring rock to an alternative school where I work. And if I’m not working I enjoy sports and concerts.

Why Do I Love Hard Rock?

I love hard rock because no matter what my mood I can find something to fit it.

Who Is My Favorite Band?

The first band that really caught my attention was Alice In Chains, so they still get a steady play, but favorite of all would have to be Slipknot. Conquer the day, play a little Heretic Anthem or Custer. Get all in my feels, and play a little Snuff.

What Is The Best Concert I've Seen?

The best concert is between two. Shinedown and Five Fiver Death Punch will always be up there because I got this beautiful Wisconsin chick to go for a first date.  But four years later I got that same woman to go to Slipknot with me and my boys, so I mean it’s Slipknot.

For my songs, I’ll go with bands I’ve been able to see thanks to I-Rock 93.5 the past couple of years.

  1. Chevelle- Self Destructor
  2. Korn- Rotting in Vain
  3. Korn- Blind
  4. Slipknot- Custer
  5. Slipknot- Snuff
  6. Ice Nine Kills- Shower Scene
  7. Black Veil Brides- In the End
  8. Nothing More- Jenny
  9. From Ashes to New- Panic
  10. Beartooth- Bad Listener
  11. Discrepancies- Control
  12. Godsmack- Under Your Scars
  13. Three Days Grace- Never Too Late

Korn and Chevelle at The TaxSlayer Center

The TaxSlayer Center in East Moline was rockin on March 25 with Korn and Chevelle. The two dynamic bands teamed up along with Code Orange for a night of rock for the Quad Cities. If you have not seen Korn live, it's a must for you however you can. The energy will fill any size venue you get to see them in.

Gallery Credit: Ryan McCredden

Trivium & Beartooth at The Rust Belt in East Moline

Trivium, Beartooth, Malevolence and Archetypes Collide rocked the Rust Belt on June 2 and now you can clearly see what it looked like through the sweat and pits.

Gallery Credit: Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

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