No matter where you live you can either make the most of it and find things that you can enjoy or complain about how the city you live in doesn't have what you like.

For some in the Quad Cities, we have everything we could want. Sports, music, food, drink, parks, seasons. But others want more. So we asked the simple question "What do the Quad Cities need?

It all started with a simple story about a new brewery.

We will often write stories about new businesses opening in the Quad Cities and surrounding communities. People are interested in new things.  And we love to talk about them when it's a local business. So that is what we did for a new brewery coming to LeClaire.

Based on some of the comments, you would have thought it was still prohibition.  So much negativity about a new brewery.

"We have enough places for the drunks."

Well not everybody (in fact the minority) gets drunk at breweries

"Just what the QC needs...another brewery."

There wouldn't be more breweries opening in the area if they weren't making money.

"It would be nice to have something new that wasn't just a place to drink."

So, what is that?  That was the seemingly simple question that was asked. You don't like to drink and that is great for you. But, what do you want? While some people couldn't give a straight answer...cause they don't know what they want...others did have ideas that you can see here.

Keep Looking At What "The Quad Cities Needs"

We asked and you answered. This is what you say the Quad Cities need to make it a better place to live.

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