This seems like a bad idea.  But I'm just full of those.  Next week (June 21-25) we're playing every song we've got from A-Z, in a week.

Now we've done this before...kind of.  First time I did it, I did a letter a day.  So that took me, well 26 days.  Then I changed it up at the end of last year.  We reversed the mojo of 2020 by doing Z-A Workday Countdown.  That one went from 9am-5pm each day and took me 3 weeks to plow through all our songs.  This time, we're going to play everything in a week.  120 hours.

Starting Monday (June 21) at 12am I'll get things fired off with the "..." and the numbers.  Then on to A, B, get it.  So it doesn't matter what shift you work, you'll hear something different all week long.  New ones, old ones, random covers, stuff from I-Hosts and ones that I played one time because it themed something I was doing that day.

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At this point you might be asking why this is a bad idea.  Cause it seems cool to play all this different stuff all week long.  The bad idea is that I'm going to host the entire thing.  24/7.  Probably bad for you, definitely bad for me.  But hey, I'm the only one here so guess it's that or nothing.  (insert joke about nothing being better)  Don't get me wrong, through the magic of radio I will not have to stay awake for 120 hours straight and be in the building that long.  I will definitely be recording things during that time so I can go home and shower and quite frankly, use the bathroom.  Oh I use the bathroom here, but I don't sit down. Have you seen the people in this building.  I'm not sitting down.  Yuck.

Plus since I'm going to be on that entire time, I'll have giveaways all week long at super random times.  More Sevendust tickets, overnight stays at Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, maybe an I-Rock 93.5 Flag here and there.  Who knows what else!  I mean, I'll be alone in the Rock and Roll Mansion so you never know what I'll find to giveaway.

As I type this, I'm regretting the idea.  But I'm stuck now.  The sales team got off the golf course and sold it.  So thanks to our sponsor Quad City Safety for their support so I can at least order some pizza while here!

I'll talk to you next week.  A lot.  With A-Z in a Week on I-Rock 93.5!

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