Christmas is over.  But, if you were a naughty boy or girl, you know about Krampus and hopefully won't be seeing him next year.  Throwin Goats has a new song to remind you why you need to be good in 2021.

With Seth Chappell on guitar/vocals, his son on bass, and Justen Parris from WAKE on drums, the band, technically called the "puppet band" Throwin Goats, brings you Krampusnacht.


Here’s what people are saying:

“Throwin Goats have done it again! "Krampusnacht" is like a steaming mug of holiday cheer that gives off a strong whiff of brimstone and Black Sabbath along with the usual cinnamon and cloves. An ideal soundtrack for any "Secret Santa" (or "Secret Satan") party, "Krampusnacht" will have you banging your head while hanging your stockings, and remind your naughty brats to behave lest they wish to feel the merciless wrath of Saint Nicholas's horned counterpart. A wicked win-win, in other words.”  - Dan Epstein writer, music journalist, musician

“This is rad.  Haha. Awesome.“  - Brian Fair of ShadowsFall/Overcast

“...Has a nice Sabbath vibe with the killer main riff and a dash of old school NYHC feel on the chorus. Well done, my friend!” - Mitchell Woods of Flowers of Fear/Resurrection Mary.

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