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My name is Raul and I’m a father of two awesome boys named Jax and Lio. Everyday is new adventure with them. I’m also a musician, I’m also the former drummer for Twice-on-Sunday and the current drummer for a new upcoming band in the quad cities!!

Why do I love hard rock - I was drawn to hard rock after I heard some songs on the master of puppets album. I grew up around classic rock and enjoy that but something about hard rock really grew on to me, the guitar riffs , solos and drum parts really stick out from other music genres.

Who is my favorite band - Metallica

Best concert I’ve ever seen- This is hard for me because I’m a big kiss fan and they put on a great show but the best concert I’ve been to is Sept 6 ,2018 Lincoln Nebraska where I seen Metallica in the front row !!!

Metallica Front Row from I-Host Raul
Metallica Front Row from I-Host Raul

Check out my playlist!

Metallica - Fade To Black
Static X - Push It
Seether - Let You Down
A7X - Nightmare
Slayer - Raining Blood
Sevendust- Enemy
Soundgarden- Spoonman
Motörhead- Ace Of Spades
Lamb of god- Redneck
Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive Far Away
Mudvayne - Happy?
Shinedown - Save Me
Toadies - Possum Kingdom

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