Iowa is used to snow.  We get it every winter.  The first big storm of the year came through dumping over 12 inches of snow in some parts of the state.

In Davenport, the official total was 10.8 inches.  You might be thinking, "I don't have 10 inches of snow on my yard or yet-to-be-shoveled sidewalk?" and you'd be correct.  That's because even though the National Weather Service at the Davenport Airport measured that much snow, it doesn't mean that much stuck with temps hovering between 32-34 degrees while the snow fell.

When you get lemons, make lemonade.  When you get snow, Iowa does what it can to make the most of it.  You can see some of the viral videos below including one that shows how some folks in the state got an unofficial measurement of the snow.

Don't Try This At Home

You don't want to try those stunts at home.  But let's be real, in a snow-covered open field that looks like a good time.

But what if you don't have motorized vehicles how can you have fun in the snow then?

Take it from the Amish.

So how did you measure the snow in your yard?  Did you use a ruler?  Maybe stacking beer cans.  Maybe you went to the bedroom for your favorite toy.

Did the storm drop "balls-deep" snow at your house?  Guess you can pull out your toy...or your, actually don't pull out the actual and stick it in the snow.  That seems like a bad idea.

Whatever you use to measure snow, keep it handy.  Looks like we've got more coming this week and the winter is just really getting started in Iowa.

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