When Shinedown was initially announced to come to the Mississippi Valley Fair rockers around the area had their night ready to hit the grounds.

Then Coronavirus hit and one by one the concerts were canceled.  Shinedown canceled their entire tour, including the MVF on May 26.  Then this week, the rest of the fair would officially be canceled for 2020.

Today we learned that while it might be a year away, at least we can look ahead and know that we'll have our night at the fair in 2021.  Shawn Loter, General Manager of the Mississippi Valley Fair, confirmed today that Shinedown has signed on for the Mississippi Valley Fair in 2021.

There is no word on the exact date yet or what the fair and fair cards might look like for 2021, but at least we know there will be a rock night in August for the Quad Cities.

As those details are released we'll let you know about them and start to rebuild our concert calendar.

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