You can rock with four great bands at The Village Theatre in Davenport for a great cause.

Saturday, April 27, "I'm Not Broken" is bringing Divide The Fall, Manhattan Blockade, The Failsafe, and Autumn Academy to the Quad Cities with proceeds of the show benefiting NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) Greater Mississippi Valley.

Tickets are available right now and are very limited.  $15 ADV / $20 Day of Show

There will also be 50/50 drawings and more with 100% of band merch sales going to the band.

Divide The Fall

Discover more from Divide The Fall here.

 Manhattan Blockade

Their bio states "We're a rock n roll band from South East Iowa and we're here to fuck shit up."  Sounds like a good time.  Check them out here.

The Failsafe

Check out more pics and videos of "The Failsafe" right here.

Autumn Academy

Three dudes from Southwest Michigan drive to the Quad Cities to rock with you.  Check out Autumn Academy.

I'm Not Broken

I'm Not Broken is an LLC operating like a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, inspiration, and resources to individuals facing life's challenges.

Inspired by the power of music to unite people and provide a sanctuary for emotional release, the hope is to create a sense of community through "I'm Not Broken." The mission is to help individuals struggling with mental health challenges by harnessing the therapeutic potential of music.

By hosting concerts the goal is to create a space where individuals can come together, connect, and find solace in the melodies, and lyrics that speak directly to their souls. These events will not only serve as fundraising opportunities but also as platforms for mental health awareness, education, and support.

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"I'm Not Broken" will donate a portion of the profits to mental health charities and nonprofit organizations. I'm Not Broken will actively seek partnerships that align with their cause, ensuring that resources are directed to the areas of need.

With the launch of "I'm Not Broken," the goal is to build a community where individuals, irrespective of their struggles, can find support, understanding, and healing through the power of music.

Together, we can create a world where no one feels alone, and the phrase, "I'm not broken" becomes a resounding anthem of resilience and hope.

I'm Not Broken
I'm Not Broken

Check out all the great music for a great cause.  Get your tickets today right here.

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