For the last 4 weeks I-Rock 93.5 has given an hour a week to you with I-Host 93.5.  Your chance to pick the music and host the songs.  It's gone really well.  Other than that first guy.  Yikes.

So we want to give you more from your I-Host each week.  A little more about them and the music they choose to play for their hour of fame.

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1 – Who are you?

Real name is Nicole, did the Hott Nikki as a joke referring to "Hott Donna " on That 70s show!

2 - Why do you love hard rock?

Love hard rock because of the emotions. the blood sweat and tears these guys and girls throw into the music you can feel it in their riffs and vocals. Want to kick someone's slipknot, working out throw on some Pantera, feeling like a tiger...throw on In this Moment or The Pretty Reckless!

3 – Who is your favorite band/artist?

Hard to pick just one favorite band, I am a HUGE Aerosmith fan. But I love in this moment,  papa roach, Any Given Sin, Alter Bridge,  Three Days Grace, Beartooth, Pantera, Slipknot, man too many to list! I love them all can’t say there is a band that I truly dislike!

4 – What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Best concert ever seen....another hard question. Of course Aerosmith,  but Papa Roach was awesome, Three Days Grace, In this Moment and, Theory of a Deadman was great. Every concert I have gone to has been AMAZING! I have too many favorites, they have all been pretty kickass! Is there such thing as a bad concert?

Here is Hott Nikki's playlist for 10/18!

In This Moment - Black Wedding

Any Given Sin- Dynamite

Atreyu- House of Gold,

New Years Day- Shut Up

Asking Alexandria- Into The Fire

Nothing More- Let em Burn

Halestorm- Amen

I prevail- Breaking Down

Beartooth- In Between

Slash-Your A Lie

Chevelle- Hats Of To The Bull

Three days Grace- Lost In You

Papa roach- Lifeline

Saint Asonia- Better Place

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