In the two years of I-Rock 93.5 and all the concerts we've already been a part of, this one was my favorite.  I've always been a big fan of Chevelle so when we could get them in town, I was all in.

It was so great to see so many of you on Sunday.  Some people "had to work" the next day, but whatever.  They missed out.  Of course a lot of you still had to work the next day and it didn't matter.  You were there rockin with Chevelle.

The show got started with Stellar Circuits out of North Carolina.  A band with melodic undertones and a heavy scream of vocals.  Got to talk with them for a bit and great guys who couldn't be happier to be on the road with Chevelle.

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Chevelle got the night started at 8:15 and came out thumpin.  You can see the full setlist (minus the piece that got ripped) in the below photo gallery.  They played new stuff, old stuff and all the hits.  The crowd was rocking along, singing along and having a great time with a super tight band.  Pete was giving it his all through out the show.  Those in the front were sweating without even performing like Pete was.

Of course a highlight for me was "Hat's Off To The Bull" as it's my favorite song.  But I also loved to see what you like.  More "Joyride" and more "Self Destructor" is what I noticed.  They got some big reactions.  But, without a shadow of a doubt the biggest reaction was "The Red".  That is how the encore started with just Pete and the guitar for about the first half of the song.  But it wasn't just him.  Because you were signing every word all the way through the song.  That is one of those concert memories you won't be able to find on an mp3.  Goose bumps for sure.

Thank you again for coming out and rockin with I-Rock 93.5 on a Sunday.  As always, see you at the next one!

Chevelle at The Rust Belt

Chevelle rocked the Rust Belt Sunday night with an awesome, high energy set that provided us a ton of concert memories.

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