On Tuesday, July 27 the rock world was devastated by the news that Joey Jordison, founding drummer of Slipknot had passed away at the age of 46.

Rockers young and old reacted with shock and sadness as Joey was considered one of the greatest drummers, not only in metal, but in music in general.  And tonight, as I watch and listen to Slipknot both in the studio and live, I'm right there with that sentiment.  There are a lot of good drummers out there that can keep pace.  There are drummers out there that can play fast.  There are drummers with style.  Joey had all of those qualities.

Tomorrow (7/28) I'll be playing Slipknot songs along with Joey drum solos and clips to honor this great musician.  But there is so much that I just can't play.  I get it, Heretic, Disasterpiece, sic, Eyeless...all great.  They also have tons of fucks in them that the FCC doesn't look kindly on.  (Yeah, I can say it here, just not there...so dumb)  And quite frankly....the edited versions sound like shit.

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But as I sit here looking for clips to play and going down a rabbit hole of just amazing drumming, I felt like I needed to put it all in one place for you as well.  So here you go.

People=Shit - A perfect example of the speed and technique from Joey.  This is also one of those that instantly I talk about the style.  There are 9 people on that stage and he is in the back surronded by a kit that basically keeps him hidden.  He could have just played these insane drums and nobody would have noticed anything else. But look at the energy and passion while he's playing.  He's hitting those damn things like means it.  You go play drums.  You suck.  Now go play drums and headband like that.  You really suck.


Eyeless - This is just the intro to Eyeless but it's just so damn good.  Not only the insane drumming, but also the fact that he looks back at the camera like "hey check out what I'm about to do".

Disasterpiece - Another drum cam showing the artistry of Joey.

The drum solo on the rising spinning set.  Yeah, Tommy did it first, but Joey took it to another level.  I saw it live.  It still gives me goose bumps watching it back like this.

Here is a nice little montage from our friends at Loudwire that really sums it all up.

Joey Jordison - The Master of Drums.  Welcome To Iowa.

This isn't him playing, but this was an interview I came across with Joey and Paul.
R.I.P. brothers.

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