Every Friday at 6:00 pm you get the chance to host your own hour on I-Rock 93.5.  You choose the playlist.  Then you come to the Rock & Roll Mansion and talk about the songs.  All you need to do is sign up here and then watch your email.

Now it's time to meet and party with this week's I-Host.

Who are you?

I am John Frieden originally from Muscatine. 42 years young and a proud father of 4.

Why do you love rock?

Born and raised to love rock. My sisters saved me from rap when I was 12 and haven't looked back.

Who is your favorite band?


What is the best show you've seen?

Ozzfest 1999 at Alpine Valley, WI.  Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Slayer, Pantera, Fear Factory, System of a Down, Slipknot, Godsmack, and so much many awesome bands.

My playlist:

  1. Pearl Jam - Jeremy
  2. Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  3. Korn - Falling Away from Me
  4. Rob Zombie - Dragula
  5. Sevendust - Denial
  6. Deftones - Digital Bath
  7. Staind - Price to Play
  8. Pop Evil - Waking Lions
  9. Rammstein - Du Hast
  10. The Offspring - Gone Away
  11. Dope - Kimberly's Ghost
  12. Motionless in White - Another Life
  13. Metallica - Turn the Page

Keep Looking At All The States I-Rock 93.5 Has Rocked

I-Rock 93.5 is the Quad Cities Hard Rock station. You have made that happen by listening and downloading and liking and showing up to all our crazy stuff. But you keep taking it one step further. You like to wear the I-Rock 93.5 shirt, or in some cases take the I-Rock 93.5 flag, with you when you travel. Which is awesome.
Now, we are on a mission to get a picture of our shirt/flag/koozie in every state. And as you can see below, we're off to a good start.
Next time you travel take I-Rock 93.5 with you and then send us the picture on the I-Rock 93.5 app or on our Facebook page and we'll share it with the world to show how much you, and the Quad Cities rocks.

Alborn EP Release Party at The Redstone Room in Davenport

The party was always going to be bangin, but it turned out to also be one of the most lit concerts I-Rock 93.5 has been a part of. Alborn, Discrepancies, Widow7, and The Forty Twos fired it up on a Saturday night in downtown Davenport for an unforgettable night of rock.



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