Yesterday morning, I took a drive to visit UAW members in Davenport and Milan.  The amount of community support was literally piling up.  If you drive by the Davenport location today, you will see a very different scene.

Yesterday afternoon, Iowa Judge Marlita Greve granted a temporary injunction against UAW members picketing at the John Deere Davenport Works Facility.  The injunction is 11 pages long and contains new rules the Davenport workers must abide by or they could receive a $500 fine and/or up to six months in jail.

These new rules include no more than 4 people on the picket line, no burn barrels, and more which you can read here.

Deere spokeswoman Jen Hartmann said Wednesday following the ruling:

“Deere & Co. was granted an order for a temporary injunction to maintain a safe environment for all our employees and contractors – including those reporting to work and those exercising their right to strike. This temporary injunction was put in place to provide safe entry and exit to the John Deere Davenport Works facility.”

At this time, there are no injunctions on any of the Illinois Quad Cities John Deere sites or any of the other Iowa John Deere locations.  However, an injunction has been requested for the John Deere Des Moine location.

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There are some UAW members ready to fight back on this injunction with a communtiy rally tonight (10/21) at 5:30 pm.  In a post on the QC Support the John Deere Strikers Facebook page workers are reaching out to the community for support since they are unable to be on-site in large numbers.  The post reads:

If you haven't heard - John Deere is trying to break the strike at Davenport Wokrs by filing a court order which prevents the union from having more than 8 people on the picket line, takes away their burn barrels to keep them warm at night, and more outrageous restrictions.  When workers rights are under attack, what do we do?  STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!

We're going to have a rally of at least 100 people to show up for Deere workers because the community stands with them!  The location is in front of River Valley Turf (21108 S Scott Park Rd, Davenport IA 52804) on 90th St.  YOU CANNOT BE A UAW MEMBER.  The injunction prevents the union, its affilitates, or people under their direction from participating in what should be acts of free speech. Therefore the community supporting these strikers needs to show up for them.

Meanwhile, other employees and folks on the QC Support Facebook page are saying not to show up for the rally tonight.  In one post a member wrote that anybody who shows up to picket, at this rally or any other time, could be at risk of legal action.

Unlike the issues that the members have been mostly united on, this appears to be one that has them split in their quest for a new contract with John Deere.



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