It's another new music Monday on I-Rock 93.5.  This week, it's an uplifting anthem about turning 30.  I remember that year...kind of.  I remember the birthday party lasting about a week.  Now, I barely make it to midnight before the birthday ends.  Sigh.

According to Badflower lead singer Josh Katz  “I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of getting older,” explains the singer. “30 is a milestone I’ve been dreading since 20. I wanted to write a song about how I’m feeling internally and everything happening around me in 2020 as a 30 year old. The world is fucking weird and I hate it here.”

Here is just a sample of those feelings; "I’m nervous, so nervous / I overeat, I lack purpose / And I’m only scratching the surface / And I’m not shelved cause sex sells / But how long till I’m canceled / This is 30, fucking 30 / I’m still here, I’m still dirty."

Tell us what you think!

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