Your 11/15 I-Host 93.5 winner dug deep with some tunes and recalled the show from last night.  Enjoy, and sign up for your chance to host an hour as well!

Question one – Who are you?
My name is Tim Skinner, I live in Rock Island, born in dport, raised in vegas, I'm 32 years old. Husband (12yrs) and father of two boys(8&9). I enjoy going to live concerts with my wife. Spending time with my boys, watching the Packers, or any NFL game that's on. And listening to I-Rock 93.5 while I'm at work.

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?
Why I love hard rock.... because no matter how you are feeling, hard rock has the answer. Crank it up and all worries for me leave and I'm in the moment of the song.

Question three – Who is your favorite band/artist?
My favorite band right now is FFDP, but Korn and Slipknot are always among the top.

Question four – What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?
Best concert was in 2003 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV...Godsmack opening for Metallica!!

Here is what Tim has lined up for you tonight!

Korn - Blind
Five Finger Death Punch - Trouble
Slayer – Raining Blood
Primus - Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
Trust Company - Downfall
Slipknot - Psychosocial
Static X - Black and White
White Zombie - More Human Than Human
Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire
Godsmack - Voodoo
Volbeat - Still Counting
Taproot - Poem
Tool - Sober
Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline

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