Every Friday at 6:00 pm you get the chance to host your own hour on I-Rock 93.5.  You get to choose your playlist and come in and talk about the songs.  All you need to do is sign up here and then watch your email.  We'll get you in here...eventually!

Who are you?

My name is Joe Lee. I work at the Honda warehouse in Davenport. I've been putting together a benefit for NAMI called Life Is Beautiful. It's a music fest/silent art auction. The next one takes place at the Raccoon Motel on Sat. June 3rd

Why do you love hard rock?

Because it's rock and roll I like it. I like the raw energy and grittiness.

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Who is your favorite band/artist?

Depends on the day. But Dropkick Murphys, Clutch, Devil Makes Three, and Truckfighters always seem to be in rotation

What is the best concert you've ever seen?

Gwar, Dropkick Murphys, Primus, Black Sabbath. I'd say one of them.

My Playlist:

  1. Royal Thunder - Time Machine
  2. Truckfighters - Momentum
  3. The Rumours- Electric Blues
  4. Dynoride - Empty
  5. Clutch - A Quick Death In Texas
  6. House Of Large Sizes - Cranko American
  7. The Gits - Precious Blood
  8. L7 - One More Thing
  9. Beatsteaks - Meantime
  10. All Them Witches - 41
  11. Devil Makes Three - Old Number 7
  12. Kyuss - Freedom Run
  13. Dropkick Murphys - Rose Tattoo


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