Question one - Who are you?    Alisha Wadden owner of Aha Holisticals!

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?  Definitely the guitar!  I love the thrill I get while getting lost in the solos. Also, I just like the way it makes me feel.. it makes me happy. We should all do more of what makes us happy, right!? =-)

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist?  Oh my, I love so many, but, IRON MAIDEN!

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen? Another that is so difficult! There's Maiden, because there's nothing like seeing a family with 4 generations attending together! The stamina Bruce Dickinson has when he's tirelessly running the length of the stage and props the entire show! The pyrotechnics are fab, too. But, Slipknot, I've seen them 13 times because it's so much of a rush and performance. Then, Tool.

Check out Alisha's playlist:
Can I Play With Madness- Iron Maiden
Infinite Dreams- Iron Maiden
Just One Fix- Ministry
When Worlds Collide- Powerman 5000
Davidian- Machinehead
Remember - 3 Years Hollow
Lola Montez- Volbeat
Dead and Bloated- Stone Temple Pilots
Fade in/Fade Out- Nothing More
Stinkfist- Tool
Survivalism- Nine Inch Nails
Psychosocial- Slipknot

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