Let's get together and listen to live music while I-Rock 93.5 hooks you up with tickets to see more live music.  It's almost like we like concerts or something.

Register below to win tickets to CMFT on June 12, Sevendust on June 29, an I-Rock 93.5 flag, an I-Rock 93.5 hat or a Bob Segar frisbee...ok, I'll just give you the frisbee.

*Must be present to win
*Hat and Sevendust tickets to be given away between Soultru and High Five Sinners
*Flag and CMFT tickets to be given away between High Five Sinners and The Forty Twos.
*One entry per person.  If you enter twice both enteries will be thrown out...ain't gone be no cheatin up in here.

Friday, June 4th we'll be at Riverview Roadhouse in LeClaire for the Friday Night Live concert series.  Yeah, it's a series.  This won't be our only time we rock the river with live music at Riverview Roadhouse.

I-Rock 93.5 will be there starting at 6pm with all our free swag that has our logo on it, and the random things I "find" here at the Rock and Roll Mansion that I feel would be at a better home if you took it.  Then starting at 7pm, it's time for live music on a stage in the Riverview Roadhouse parking lot!

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Soultru get's things started on the "Bison Bridge Stage".  Then our friends with High Five Sinners will plug in and crank up the rock.  Finally, we'll hear for the first time ever The Forty Two's.  Who are The Forty Two's?  You might recognize three of the members as they were all together in The Zealots.  They're back now and their debut will be on this stage on June 4th.  Check out more on the guys on their Facebook page.

Of course while you are here reading this, you might as well also sign up for tickets that you can win online.

Plus, What BBQ will be serving food outside and Riverview Roadhouse will have their awesome menu open inside.  Rain or shine, we are going to rock LeClaire on June 4th as the city has reinvented "First Friday" and it's now Friday Night Live! Find fun in LeClaire with 8 live music venues, shops open late, and specials at the bars and restaurants!  More on all the Friday Night Live LeClaire here.

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