Over the last month I-Rock 93.5 ran a contest to give a future rock star a head start with lessons from the QC Rock Academy.  Well the Google random number generator picked Tavis.  He couldn't be more excited, and after learning the story of Tavis and his family, I couldn't be more excited for him.

While all of us who listen to rock love music and say it means a lot to us, for Tavis and his family it's been a huge part of their life.  Tavis' Mom, Megan, signed up to win the contest and after learning they won, shared just how much it means.

Tavis' Dad passed away in a fire in August 2019. He was huge into music. At one point the family had around $40,000 in music equipment. His father toured as a singer in the Quad Cities area and in Florida. According to Megan, "He could belt Zeppelin and Joplin but, he could never learn how to sing AND play guitar. It was actually kind of funny to watch him try. Kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head.'

It goes beyond his father.  Mr. T (Tavis) is named after his Dad's best friend from childhood who tours with Alice in Chains. Megan's sister is lead singer in a band called 22N that tours around Florida. Megan says "This isn't going to some kid that just wants to pluck some strings. He has an entire system of musicians rooting for him."

So now it's time for the torch to be passed. Because his Dad was so into music, some guitar players he worked with have sent stuff and offered to show him a thing or two. But, without them being local it has been hard to set things up. With QC Rock Academy, Tavis will get the in person lessons to get him going.

In Tavis' own words, "I guess there's no turning back now. I'm going to be famous!"

Mom says, "I don't know about all that, but I appreciate it and his Dad would be so stoked."



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