Tool have been making music since 1990.  In those 31 years they have amassed quite the following.  OK, let's be real, it's a cult.

It's rare to find a casual Tool fan.  Most people are either rapid into them, or get rapidly angry when they hear them.  I would put myself into that first group.  I'm a fan.  I just love the sound and everything they do.  Yeah it's different.  Yes, the songs are long and maybe they aren't right for every moment, but they would absolutely be one of my dessert island bands.

The funny thing is, I can't say I was a Tool OG.  I wasn't into them early on.  The reason wasn't that I didn't like the music.  I never even gave it a chance.  I worked with people that were already in the Tool cult, and those people annoyed me.  Not that they liked Tool.  They annoyed me in the general "I don't like you" sense.  Since I didn't like them, and they liked Tool, I told myself I didn't like Tool.  Years later after leaving that job and not working with those d-bags, I'd give Tool another chance.  Then I got into them more, and more, and more.  Korn is still my favorite, but these guys are a solid runner up on my list.

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So it shouldn't surprise me when I'm bouncing around YouTube to find this video.  A fan made documentary.  Here is what user "chilebootleg" says about the video:

I decided to make this behind the music kinda thing for TOOL since they didn't have one, so i took everything i found from instagram, podcast, videos from YouTube, homevideos from the band, "The Ultimate Review" by Prism Films, photos all over the web and personal files that i have and i ending up editing this 41 min video. hope u like it. enjoy and share ;)

This took the fan a long time to build.  It wasn't something he just slapped this story.  No, he took a lot of time because, that is what Tool fans do.  If you are into them like I am, spend some time with the below's about 4 Tool songs long.


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