You don't have to wait till St. Patrick's Day to get a little Irish.  You also don't have to wait till October to be a little bit of a punk.  You get that taken care of daily.  This fall you'll be able to be a little Irish and a little Punk when Dropkick Murphys come to Eastern Iowa.

Dropkick will be at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse on October 18 with special guests The Interrupters and Jesse Ahern.  Tickets are on sale now.  You can also win your tickets and sing loud and sing proud with I-Rock 93.5 below.

Dropkick Murphys

Steve Thrasher for Aftershock Festival
Steve Thrasher for Aftershock Festival

Dropkick Murphys have been making their straight-out-of-Boston Irish punk music since 1998.  Earlier stuff from Dropkick from "Do or Die" or "The Gangs All Here" has a bit more straight punk sound.  Then in 2001 when they released "Sing Loud, Sing Proud!" the band would incorporate more of the bagpipes, tin whistles, mandolins, accordions, and more traditional Irish instruments to give them that uniquely Dropkick Murphys sound.

Some of their biggest hits included "Rose Tattoo" which has nearly 200 million views on YouTube and the ever-popular "Shipping up to Boston" which has been used in numerous TV shows, movies, and sporting events.

But you also need to go back to some old-school Dropkick Murphys like Bar Room Hero or Finnegans Wake.  And for some good Irish drinking punk rockin' fun check out "Dirty Glass" or "The Spicy McHaggis Jig".

But to start, check out the most popular one "Rose Tattoo" here.

The Interrupters

The Interrupters is a ska punk band with brothers Kevn, Jesse, and Justin Bivona along with front women Aimee Interruptor.

The Interrupters have been together since 2011 producing 4 albums and claiming a number-one song on the Canadian Rock charts with the below song "She's Kerosene".

Get ready for the fun on October 18 at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse for a full Electric Show with The Dropkick Murphys.

Win your tickets here have a drink and get ready to be kissed when you are...well, if you know you know.

Dropkick Murphys
Dropkick Murphys


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