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My name is Michael McNaught from Coal Valley, Illinois.

I love Hard Rock and Metal because its what has always spoken to me most. So much so that it's what inspired me to become a musician myself.

Oh man, the "favorite band" question is probably the hardest question you could ask me haha.  System of a Down is what really got me into Hard Rock/Metal. But my favorite band changes all the time. Currently it's Enterprise Earth. But that will probably change next week or so as I discover more awesome music.

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Check out my playlist here:

  1. Atreyu - When Two Are One
  2. A Day To Remember - Violence
  3. Berried Alive - Insanity
  4. Echopraxia - 3's without 4's
  5. Erra - Hybrid Earth
  6. Enterprise Earth - The Failsafe Fallacy
  7. Enterprise Earth - Nightfallen
  8. Papa Roach - Falling Apart
  9. Korn - Ya'll Want A Single
  10. In Flames - Cloud Connected
  11. In Flames - Condemned
  12. All That Remains - Now Let Them Tremble/For We Are Many
  13. System of a Down - Question


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