The rock is in our blood.  I-Rock 93.5 presents Black Stone Cherry and Giovannie & The Hired Guns at The Capitol Theatre.

Tickets for this fun Friday night in Davenport, Iowa are on sale now at the Capitol Theatre.  You can also listen to your concert leader to win them and sign up below to enjoy a night of rock from I-Rock 93.5.

Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry's first studio album dropped in 2006 and they have put out 7 albums since then.  In those 17 years of creating their unique sound of southern rock, Black Stone Cherry has accumulated 19 top 40 hits.

With songs like "In My Blood" and their current hit "Nervous" or "White Trash Millionaire" and "Me and Mary Jane", Black Stone Cherry can take fans on a roller coaster of feels.

The band has remained for the most part consistent over the years with Chris Robertson (lead vocals), Ben Wells (guitar), and John Fred Young (drums) all having been together in the band since 2001.

Giovannie & The Hired Guns

Giovannie & The Hired Guns have been doing their style of Alt Rock for 6 years but recently broke out with their hit "Ramon Ayala" which went number 1 in the US Rock Billboard charts, number 2 in the US Mainstream charts, and number 3 in the US Alternative charts.

Capitol Theatre
Capitol Theatre

It's an all-ages show with Black Stone Cherry and Giovannie & The Hired Guns.  Friday, November 17 at The Capitol Theatre.  Tickets are on sale now.  Sign up below to win your tickets and experience rock in Downtown Davenport from your concert leader, I-Rock 93.5.

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