Question one - Who are you? Mark Kulhavy

I’m a retired professional wrestling manager with local Indy wrestling promotion SCWPRO. I’m married to an amazing woman with three incredible kids!

Question two - Why do you love hard rock? Because no matter what you’re feeling you can always find the right song. Whether you’re pissed off and want to blow off some steam or you want to just put on something that takes you back to a different time. Or sometimes the right song can brings whole different level of emotions hard rock is always there!

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist? Sevendust

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen? Shaman’s Harvest opening for Sevendust in Fort Madison, Iowa on August 3rd 2019! I got to meet the guys from Shaman’s Harvest and later that night I got to meet the man I consider a rock god, LaJon Witherspoon the lead singer of Sevendust!

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Check out my playlist here.

  1. Sevendust- Trust
  2. Shaman’s Harvest- Dragonfly
  3. The Veer Union- Defying Gravity
  4. Eleven Fifty Two- Sink or Swim
  5. Falling in Reverse- Popular Monster
  6. Rival Sons- Do Your Worst
  7. Bad Wolves- Zombie
  8. Fire from the Gods- Right Now
  9. Adelitas Way- Notorious
  10. Sevendust- Decay
  11. Pop Evil- Trenches
  12. Killswitch Engage- This Fire Burns
  13. Alice In Chains- Man in the Box


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